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High Point Market : The Latest in Funky Designs : What Is in for 2015

Home and business owners on the lookout for interior design in New London County, New Haven County, Middlesex County, Hartford County and Fairfield County will rejoice at the array of funky options available this season. At the 2015 Spring High Point Market in High Point, North Carolina, I toured 180 buildings in which major companies in the interior design industry had their latest furnishings on display. I came back with a love for bold and funky design choices perfect for both the home and office.

Brightening with Bold Patterns

Every interior designer who walked the halls of the High Point Market noticed a trend: bold, funky patterns splashed across everything from window treatments to chairs. Some of my favorites included a multi-colored ottoman and a bright orange sofa. Both of these stand out in any room and will work both as focal or accent pieces to an overall design, depending on how you use the space. At the same time, the bold colors were not so bright or neon to be obnoxious. The palette this year favors just the right level of bright.

Embracing the Curves

It was hard not to notice how furniture makers are incorporating spherical and circular patterns into their designs. Sectionals and sofas resemble semi-circles and table legs roundly curve. Half-moon ottomans and rounded chairs with tufted backs give rooms a softer, more relaxing touch, even as they stand out aesthetically and draw the eye. There is harmony in the curvy designs, particularly when it comes to sofas and sectionals. Sit with your friends and colleagues, not beside them.

Standing Out from the Crowd

Furnishings did not have to qualify as bright and bold or circular to earn the “funky” label during the High Point Market. I adored a glass-topped wood ottoman, an octagon-shaped shelving unit, a wing chair with the open back, a patchwork-covered coffee table and an over-the-top dog bed. There was even a stool with pull-out shelves upon which a person can rest drinks or food. Crazy but beautiful styles create more opportunities for customization of an interior design.

Anyone looking for interior design in Connecticut wants something that simultaneously embraces traditional and uses attractive design elements with a little bit of flair. Make your space more individual with the addition of a hip piece of furnishing or two. Thanks to the High Point Market, I are more confident than ever that bold, funky designs are here to stay and are among the hottest trends of the season.