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Alive Design at the Spring 2015 High Point Market

From April 18th through the 23rd, High Point, North Carolina became the epicenter of a creative movement. It combined the exchange of ideas with design innovations, showcasing for the best in the interior design industry. We here at Alive Design were ecstatic to take our Connecticut approach to interior design on the road to attend the 180-building-large Spring 2015 High Point Market. Whether you are looking for window treatments or new furnishings, hiring an interior designer who has been to High Point Market means you have access to some of the greatest new designs.

Going Funky

Circular designs and eclectic patterns ran rampant among some of the more aesthetically bold furnishing choices this year. From end tables that resemble treasure chests to shelving with octagonal focal points, funky spans the color and design spectrum. It is not just about bright colors. If you are looking for something distinctive to add a bit of fun to your interior design, ask us about tables with curving legs or chairs that seem suspended on ski-like supports. We saw a lot of powerful designs this year.

The Sleek, Industrial Look

The industrial look never goes out of style, and that was clear from this year’s offerings at the Market. Sleek, metal designs incorporated into rugged wood materials make furniture appear at home in a refurbished warehouse or loft inspired setting. These furnishings are basic but beautiful, pairing perfectly with a bolder interior design as well as more calming designs. Some of our favorite examples included chests purposefully aged to look like rustic antiques and small glass end tables outfitted on metal stands.

As Seen in Nature

Another popular trend on the rise this year is the natural look: furnishings and designs that reflect the soft colors and patterns found in nature. Made from natural-looking wood or mimicking the stone and animal patterns found in the country, the natural Market designs we saw are the perfect furnishings for country homes or spaces that want to reflect the tranquility of the countryside. Ask about the pastoral art and fabrics we saw highlighted.

Fairfield County, Hartford County, Middlesex County, New Haven County, and New London County residents need interior design that celebrates local traditions while exploring global themes and trends. Attending High Point Market allowed us to not only see the pieces major companies have on display, but also to consider the latest trends and new products we can incorporate into designs for the rest of the year. Talk to us about Alive Design for your home or office and ask us to show you how this exchange of ideas has informed our design sense for the upcoming season.