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Adventures in Notting Hill

When London comes into conversation, Notting Hill is certainly not the first venue that pops into mind.

More prominent, welcoming features of the city, such as Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, stand out instead. However, when feeling the need to escape the crowds of tourists flooding the heart of London, a trip to Notting Hill is essential. The charming and quiet residential buildings, make this a prime location for design inspiration.

Beautiful flats, such as the one pictured to the right, show what it is like to live in one of the wealthiest parts of London. Along with the notable real estate, the shops that line Portobello Road also contribute to the elegance and appeal of the area. The product in these shops can vary greatly – from postcards to rain boots – there is truly something for everyone.

After a long but successful day of shopping, my daughter and I were lucky enough to find a delicious Italian restaurant, which served as a nice break from the many English pubs lining the streets of London.

Come into our store and see how our trip to Notting Hill has added a glimmer of English elegance to our strong design sense. See how we can bring this interior design style into any location in Connecticut, residential or commercial.